A sweet christmas message from The Lollipop Monster

A sweet christmas message from The Lollipop Monster

Although the Lollipop Monster’s Christmas is a warm story about friendship, giving and the “meaning” of Christmas, the message is let down by the actual execution.

The Lollipop Monsters Christmas tells the story of Larry, the Lollipop Monster, having a Christmas party with his monster friends, with decorations, fun, laughter, fresh baked cookies and gifts. While out getting more wood for the fire he discovers a very lonely monster, Walter, who is crying huddled around a fire (made from Larry’s firewood). Larry brings Walter back to his home, where Walter is warmly welcomed by all of Larry’s friends, and learns that Christmas is about sharing the gift of time with friends and family.

I must admit, I was surprised that this was the ultimate meaning of Christmas. For all that this is my personal reason for celebrating the season; it’s not exactly the reason why Christmas is traditionally celebrated in Christianised Western cultures. I did find myself turning pages with trepidation waiting for the “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” line, so was quite pleasantly surprised to find just a warm message about be kind to others and enjoy and appreciate your friends and family.

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Unfortunately the story needs to be tightened up, and large chunks deleted before it can really shine. There is a lot of unnecessary build up and development, like a scene where hot chocolate is being prepared, which we come back to several pages later as it’s handed out and enjoyed. It all goes to build up story and to explain actions of characters, but is mostly superfluous.

A TV skit would be a wonderful medium for The Lollipop Monsters Christmas, where the wordy prose could be developed into sharp dialogue, and the cute, but flat, illustrations could be giving a full range of moving emotion.

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