An Introduction and welcome.

An Introduction and welcome.

Reading is a passion of mine. I’m one of those annoying people who use phrases like “ever since I could remember…”. Yes, I am the sort of person who gets a little giddy when they step into a library.

Eventually I started to review books, romance and fantasy books mainly. This took me from being a voracious re-reader, to having panic attacks about the number of books released each month that I’d never have a chance to look at, let alone read.

The birth of my daughter calmed my to-be-read list paranoia, I simply didn’t have time to read as much as I had, and I certainly didn’t have time to review as much as I had. Yet, I was still reading voraciously, only the books had become a little shorter; more pictures, fewer words.

I’ve been reading to my daughter since the week she was born (I won’t say the day she was born, in all honesty, I was just a wee bit tired that day). She was a rather passive reader initially, so I read purely text-based fairy tales.

Soon I was cuddling her up and reading picture books. She couldn’t really see the pictures, but I enjoyed the cuddles and the act of sharing my love with my love.

Now, she can walk to her bookcase and choose which story she’d like. At a year and a half she’ll ‘read’ stories to her toys, or to herself. I hope that she’ll always enjoy reading.

One of our favourite resources is the library, and it is this never-ending source of literary delight that started me thinking about reviewing children’s books. I have a terrible memory, and wanted a record of which books we’d read, what they were like, if we’d enjoyed them and maybe why we’d enjoyed them.

There was also a university paper that required a little self-directed research on a topic of my choice, so I found myself completely engrossed on the topic of reading to children, the variations, the reasons why, the reasons why not (and yes, sometimes it’s not the best idea), reading to babies, and reading to primary school children. I could spend an amazing amount of time researching the topic, particularly as it’s something I’ve always been a little passionate about.

So… between these two events, and obviously a need to give up sleeping completely, “Growing Readers” was born. A place where I can talk about the books I’ve read with my child, a place where I can discuss the research I’ve discovered, and probably a place where I get to ramble on something completely unrelated from time to time (most likely knitting… or dogs). Hopefully you’ve got views you’d like to share too.

Happy reading.

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