Baby’s Best Friend

Baby’s Best Friend

Baby’s Best Friend by Rachael Hale is a rather cute picture book, with lovely photographs and simple text.

Most pages consist of a single baby (usually in cloth nappies) and an animal, with clear text.

The story itself is very simple and predictable “Best friends snuggle. | Best friends care. | Best friends | pop up everywhere!” (in the case of the pop up we’ve got a photograph of a parrot (budgie?) sitting on a little girl wearing a pink hat).

The children pictured are primarily caucasian, so if you’re looking for ethnic diversity this book is not for you. However, if you’re looking to introduce your child to animals in a way they can relate, Baby’s Best Friend is a neat book.

If you’re wanting a good faces book, I much prefer Rachael Hale’s “Baby Colours”, which I’ve been reading to E since she was a month old, and she loved it from early on. Baby’s Best Friend has grown on her, and as she became aware of animals around her (we have cats and a dog) it started to take more meaning.

I won’t say that this is truly a favourite of ours, but it has certainly been pulled out regularly enough that it’s starting to look a little tatty (always the sign of a good board book!). If your child is an animal lover, definitely think about this one for your book buying list.

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