Bath Time – a very short bedtime book

Bath Time – a very short bedtime book

Bath Time by Charles Reasoner is a very quick bath/bed time book, excellent for children with a short attention span, or parents running short on time.

Because it is so brief, as my child gets older I find myself adding more to the story, talking about how she has a yellow rubber ducky, just like baby bear; isn’t baby bear dirty, he’s all covered in mud! and so on.

The story is very simple. Baby bear is dirty, has fun in the bath, dries off, brushes his hair and then we say good night.

The illustrations, with the very cute stitched, blue, teddy bear are adorable; even rubber ducky and the tugboat look cute.

But… why is baby bear brushing his hair and not his teeth when getting ready for bed? There’s a toothbrush and toothpaste in the scene. Surely the brushing of teeth is a more normal, and encouraged, bedtime routine than brushing hair (particularly when Baby Bear doesn’t actually have visible hair to brush)?


I confess, I do mix it up a little, sometimes Baby Bear has fun with *his* toys in the bath, sometimes Baby Bear has fun with *her* toys in the bath. Baby Bear is not obviously gendered, so I see no reason why we can’t decide for ourselves what gender to use.

Still, it appears that Baby Bear is back on our bedtime reading list this week, as my little lass keeps bringing it to me to be read, so although it’s not one of my favourite stories, I’m not the target audience. Any book that engenders enthusiasm for reading is a winner in my world.

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