Celebrating Children’s Books For #NZBookMonthMay

Celebrating Children’s Books For #NZBookMonthMay

It’s been quite disheartening in New Zealand lately, as we have more celebrations of books and reading cancelled or postponed. Yet a conversation on twitter (where all the best conversations take place) spawned the hashtag #NZBookMonthMay.

Within hours the hashtag had spread and was trending. Which just goes to show, they can take away our festivals and our awards, but they can never take away our love for (and support of) local authors.

New Zealand authors often aren’t promoted as such, and sometimes we aren’t aware that these wonderful books that we love and share are born from our own backyard. So during this unofficial #NZBookMonthMay we’ll be trying to post a book a day, to make sure everyone knows just how precious kiwi books really are.

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