Depicting Dad’s reading

Depicting Dad’s reading

This week my twitter feed alerted me to the fact that there’s a really interesting project that recently started on Pinterest, gathering examples of pictures books that show father’s (or father figures) reading books to children.

You’d think there would be quite a few examples, but apparently not.

The only example I personally could find was Daddy Pig (from a Peppa Pig book) reading a bedtime story to Peppa and George. Now, I know that I’m not a library, but I do have a decent selection of picture books, and I had thought it was relatively diverse. Yet, I still only managed to find the one example of a dad reading, and only two other books that had mothers reading. All three examples were non-human as well.

Part of this is going to be the prevalence of non-human characters in the picture books in my collection, but considering the influence that early reading may have on young minds, surely we need more examples of parents/caregivers reading to children?

Anyway, check out this collection that  has put together, and let her know if you’ve found any other examples. 

Illustrations showing (human) dads reading to their kids

Illustrations showing non-human dads (animals, monsters etc) reading to their kids

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