So much love for Ten Little Dinosaurs!

So much love for Ten Little Dinosaurs!

Ten Little Dinosaurs has been such a sensational hit in our house that it’s been out for almost two months now, and this is the first chance I’ve had to write about it!

The story starts with ten baby dinosaurs hatching, seeing their mum is asleep, and deciding to go off exploring.

The line “Ten little dinosaurs all say… ROARRRRR!” is a great hit, and really helps everyone get into this exciting adventure.

The plot is about these baby dinosaurs being ‘removed’ from the story in one way or another, as we count down to one (SPOILER: they come back at the end).

The first one gets stomped on by a Diplodocus, but before you worry that this may be too scary for little people (although,to be honest, in my experience they seem to be more blood thirsty than many adults), each way of removing a character is innocent, or fun for the dino.

The Diplodocus stomp gets covered in mud and carried off:


Another “scary” event is when a T-Rex chases one baby dino off…and you can see by the look on the baby dino’s face that this is a hilarious game:


Of great amusement to my little girl is finding different aspects on each page. A dino hidden, a bat in a cave, a crab on a tree…or what is that yellow blob mum?





This had me completely flummoxed for the longest time…then I worked out that it’s the plesiosaur from the next page!


This sudden revelation made me view the book in a whole new light – each image reflects what is about to come. It’s very cleverly done.

The only thing that I dislike about this story is how the countdown is laid out each page. You have the “adventure”, then “now there are…” then you turn the page and get to see the number left. For me this means less time talking about what’s happening on the page. Which works well if I just want to race through a bedtime story, but this is such a great book to talk about, with so many simple (but fun) things going on. Thankfully, I’m an adult with basic maths skills, so can work out how many are left without needing to turn the page.

The only time that there’s any sadness is when there is just one dinosaur, sitting on a rock crying.

“One little dinosaur. Has he met his doom?
What’s that scary creature
stomping through the gloom?”

(SPOILER: it’s mum and all the others)

From the shiny cover, to the interactive text, from the delightful illustrations to the fun rhyme, Ten Little Dinosaurs by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty is simply wonderful. Put it on your Christmas wish list.


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