The new Mansbach – picture book for adults only

The new Mansbach – picture book for adults only

You’ve probably heard of the black humour picture book for tired parents “Go The F*ck To Sleep” (If not – try the [uncensored!] version, read by Samuel L Jackson on youTube). Well, Adam Mansbach has followed this up with a sequel, “You Have To F**king Eat”.

As you might expect, this is a tongue in cheek version of children’s picture books, with frequent use of the “F” word. This is NOT for children. This is a book to amuse adults who understand exactly what is being said, and are nodding in agreement with the text.

Although I found the first book hilarious, in a totally inappropriate way, this follow-up sequel misses the mark, just ever so slightly.

Part of this disconnect is possibly through the illustrations, which alternate between cute animals (eating happily) and discontented, unhappy, tantrum throwing children (refusing to eat). Although I’m amused by much of the text, the illustrations allow the reader to relate the text back to their child/ren, and I’m just really not that excited by having the urge to swear at my toddler reinforced.


I’m also not thrilled with the language used (outside of the F word, obviously). Things like calling a child a liar, even in jest, does not work for me.

This spoon-feeding shit makes me wonder
Why the f*ck we weaned you from the teat.

For all that I can relate to some of the sentiments, it does not feel right or as amusing in the calm reading, post dinner.

Yet, although there are passages I don’t find in the least bit amusing, there are some passages that I did find truly hilarious.

I hope you know it’s super-special
To go to a restau- Hey, back in your seat.
You shitting me? This whole menu’s crap to you
But a roll on the floor – that you’ll eat?

When the text wasn’t derogatory towards children, and the images shown weren’t of grumpy brats, this becomes a very, very funny story, that is easily relatable for most parents.


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